About the Annual Event

May 16, 2018  from 6:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m.
Venue: Charles Wright Museum of African American History

On behalf of the many small business owners in the City of Detroit, Quicken Loans, Detroit Smart Pages Newspaper, and Detroit Development Fund, are asking for your support and participation in the Third Annual “Thank You” to Detroit Unsung Neighborhood Small Business Owners.


An Annual Recognition and Awards Ceremony to say “Thank You” to neighborhood small business owners who have been a part of Detroit’s fabric helping to grow and stabilize Detroit’s economy. Some have been in business 30, 40, 50+ years - All are rooted and vested in Detroit, staying the course through all of the challenging times.


To help bridge the gap between the economic development efforts going on in Downtown and Midtown by recognizing the efforts of these unsung business owners as equal contributors to Detroit’s resurgence – Inclusive of business owners of the many ethnic groups who are the real backbone of economic growth in the city in Detroit.


A collaborative of business, civic, community organizations and individuals was formed to create the Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner and use this as the foundation to build on other projects to sustain small businesses in the city of Detroit.

While these businesses may not be well known to the media, they have been instrumental to Detroit’s business community over the years. There have been plenty of new businesses coming downtown, but we want to highlight the local businesses that have been in the city. The dinner event will bring together the new Detroit investors with seasoned business leaders in the community and honor them for their successes. This is a way to connect and network with each other.